sugar cookie recipe

Jam or Jelly Sugar Cookie Recipe

Jam or Jelly Sugar Cookie Recipe A few weeks ago, after picking my six year old up from school, we ran to the supermarket. Who would have guessed that a simple shopping errand would turn into a jelly sugar cookie recipe afternoon project… Upon entering the supermarket, there are baskets and shelves full and lined […]

New Mikva Rulings Support Womens Choice to Immerse Alone

The new mikva rulings passed down by the high court, supporting women’s choice to immerse alone, was not a law I saw being passed anytime in the near future. Going back three and a half years: I remember that day so clearly, although I push it away and try to keep it buried deep down memory lane. […]

vegan chocolate chip mint ice cream recipe

Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Recipe Vegan Dessert

Vegan Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Recipe Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Ingredients: 500 ml rich’s whip 1/2 cup sugar 2 teaspoon mint or peppermint extract 1/4 cup rich’s coffee rich OR 1/4 cup soy milk 1/8 teaspoon green gel food coloring (optional) 6 oz dark chocolate bar Mint Chocolate Chip Vegan Ice Cream Instructions: […]

sweet homemade challah

Delicious Home Made Challah Bread Recipe

If you’ve been searching for the most delicious home made challah bread recipe, look no more!  I honestly cannot remember the last time I didn’t make Challah for Shabbat. In fact, last Friday morning I was so exhausted that I asked Benji to add store bought challah to his Friday morning shopping list, for the […]

pizza dough and calzone filling

Best Pizza dough and Calzone filling Recipe!

It took me a while to find the best pizza dough and calzone filling recipe. I rarely made pizza in the past, because I could never get the pizza dough just right, and I would always end up disappointed . The best pizza dough to me, means that it’s both soft AND crispy. All of that […]

Goodbye Bet Shemesh

Goodbye, Bet Shemesh. This post is for my friends who have been there for me from before the events which took place in Bet Shemesh over the past two years, and then remained at my side throughout. My story started while doing everything I can to protect my daughter and her friends from extremists who […]

asos blacklist

Asos Customer Service and Delivery Mistakes

Dear Asos, My asos orders have always been delivered to my house. Today I received a text message notifying me that my asos parcel was delivered elsewhere, a 40 minute round trip drive from my house, actually. In fact, when tHFD Israel sent  a message a few days back, they wrote that a delivery location […]

מתכון פשטידת גזר

Moist Carrot Muffin Recipe or Pie Your Kids Will Love

Moist Carrot Muffin Recipe This carrot muffin recipe is a popular side dish in our house. Naama was introduced to it at around the age of two, while having lunch by friends when we lived in Ramat Bet Shemesh. Whenever my then-two-year-old found food that she liked- I had to find the recipe. So of […]

broccoli quiche

Broccoli Kugel Recipe Easy Creamy Gluten Free

Creamy Easy Broccoli Kugel Recipe This creamy and truly easy broccoli kugel recipe is a hit in our house. The creamy broccoli texture makes it kid and adult friendly! Super easy to make, it’s a great side dish for Shabbat and holidays. The smell of the sauteed onions will get everyone’s appetite in gear, and […]

potato kugel recipe

The Best Potato Kugel Recipe

The Best Potato Kugel Recipe ~ GUARANTEED. I’m going to keep this potato kugel recipe post short, since I still have a lot to do before shabbat comes in, and I wanted to get thisk ugel recipe up as soon as possible, since I received several requests for the recipe last night. Potato kugel recipe […]

chocolate babka recipe עוגת שוקולד שמרים

Chocolate Babka Recipe ~ Chocolate Cake Yeast Feast!

Chocolate Babka Recipe ~ A Chocolate Cake Yeast Feast This is how the chocolate babka recipe arrived in my email inbox probably five or six years ago… One early Friday morning I walked downstairs to take Naama to school and on my way home, one of my neighbors called me over to have a look […]

Apple Crumble Square Recipe Rosh Hashana Sweet Dessert

Apple Crumble Squares Rosh Hashana Sweet Dessert Idea A few days ago while I was on my Instagram my eye caught a photo of an apple crumble square recipe on my Instagram feed. To my delight, the apple square recipe was posted below the photo. Being that I enjoy baking and trying out new recipes, I went ahead […]

מתכון לעוגת תפוחים קראנץ’ חתוכה לריבועים

להכנת הבצק: להמיס את המרגרינה  להוסיף קמח, סוכר, ומים קרים לערבב עד לקבלת בצק לרדד את הבצק ולהניח על תבנית אפיה, מרופד בנייר אפיה לאפות במשך 15 דקות בטמפרטורה 190 מעלות להכנת המילוי: בקערה יש להוסיף את התפוחים המגורדים להוסיף את הריבה הוסיפו קורנפלור ומיץ לימון סחוט להכנת ציפוי ביסקוויט ופקאן: בקערה יש להוסיף את […]