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I have been called a reluctant activist. Once a quiet, private person, I began speaking out when my daughter Naama and her school mates were harassed by ultra Orthodox Extremists on her way to school and back.

Our story became an international outcry against extremist violence towards women, which led me on a path of speaking out regarding women’s issues and rights in Israel. I wrote an article regarding women’s rights to privacy at the public Mikveh (paid for by our taxes) which is what led us to leave our home of 10 years, Bet Shemesh.

I’m a busy Mama and in love with my three children: Naama, Ayala and Yishai. I became friends with this guy named Benji when I was 20. Friendship turned into me having a huge crush on him, which turned out to be mutual, phew! We’ve been happily married for almost 14 years.

bet shemesh demonstration
Photo: Oilivier Fitoussi Haaretz


הדסה מרגוליס
Naama found herself on the internet

I enjoy baking, and finding new recipes to try out. I sometimes (ok, often) bake pretty looking food, just because it looks nice in the cookie jar, or cake dish!

Gardening became my favorite hobby at a difficult time in my life- the time people turned on me for writing about my experience at the mikveh, and my opinion that each woman has the right to decide how she would like to immerse.

I can spend hours tending to my flower bushes and trees. We moved into our new house a few months ago, and before unpacking, I put our garden in. I walk around and take it all in… Pick out an unwanted weed, or cut some fresh flowers for my house. I call it my gardening therapy. If you’re looking for a relaxing hobby (OK, putting in the watering system was not relaxing, although, it was satisfying!) try gardening!

about me

about me

gardening diy
Our cherry tomato plant is growing! Took the seeds out of tomatoes that were getting mushy… DIY!

I have a love of fashion, design and everything gray! I knew exactly what I wanted my new house to look like, and my favorite color is gray. Seriously, seeing gray makes me so happy! So, I painted a few of my house walls gray, my kitchen is gray, living room is gray… The more gray, the better!

about me
Gray, gray, gray!


about me
…more gray!

I work in the marketing and SEO field, and I’m always on the lookout for more information. I learn hands on (not an easy way to get through school), and so creating the the engagement ring website was my way of teaching myself how to build a WordPress blog. If you have any tips and recommendations, please send me a message, or leave me a comment. I thank you in advance!

Oh… and one more thing. COFFEE. Give me a cup of coffee with some baileys in it, and I’ll be your best friend.

That’s all I can think of for now, for this ‘about me’ section! To get to know me a bit better, you’re welcome to read my blog posts. And again, if you have any suggestions, I’m happy to hear/ read them!

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