Exclusion of Women in Israel takes it a Step Further

Exclusion of women in Israel takes it a step further.  According to this report a restaurant in the heart of Rehavia, must not allow female waitresses to work on Thursday evenings ,or else they will lose their Badatz Agudat Israel Hechsher. The reason: many men go out to eat at the restaurant on Thursday nights, and it is inappropriate for female waitresses to serve them.


This situation is out of control. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel frustrated and angry. What will be next? What restaurant is going to lose their specific *hashgacha on their *hechsher, for employing female waitresses?

We just celebrated the holiday of Purim, where Queen Esther saved the Jews of Persia from death. A woman saved the Jews of Persia! Women have had a large role in Jewish history, and always will.

Girls faces blurred in a magazine

As a woman I feel that I have the obligation to do everything in my power to stop anyone who attempts to silence us. We must not allow anyone to hide us, or humiliate us.

the exclusion of women in israel takes it a step further
Photo: Shoshanna Keats-Jaskoll


I saw this photo  Purim, which I actually found to be sad. This is the reality we are living in right now, and it has turned into a joke. Not a funny joke. The costume is of a bus that says men in the front, women in the back.

The exclusion of Women in Israel has got to stop. My question is- how will we stop it?

*Hashgacha- Religious dietary law supervision
*Hechsher- religious dietary laws

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Post Author: Hadassa Margolese

1 thought on “Exclusion of Women in Israel takes it a Step Further

    Zlatah Farms

    (March 12, 2012 - 9:45 pm)

    I think you're in the right path. Awareness of the issues is a good first step. As to how to stop it? Unfortunately, that will simply have to be "force majeure" on the part of women. There is strength in numbers. If we decide, as a whole, to stop accepting certain things and self-impose bans on things that we dislike, we'll see change. For example, women are the majority of the consumers–we do the shopping–choose (as much as possible) to shop at store that support our rights and desires, etc. Maybe a more drastic approach is needed: stop doing things for men that are antagonistic towards women or who dismiss women's rights?

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