Asos Customer Service and Delivery Mistakes

Dear Asos,

My asos orders have always been delivered to my house. Today I received a text message notifying me that my asos parcel was delivered elsewhere, a 40 minute round trip drive from my house, actually. In fact, when tHFD Israel sent  a message a few days back, they wrote that a delivery location was not found:

hfd asos
Pickup locations were not found. Text message from HFD courier service.


Message from HFD delivery service notifying me that my asos package is being delivered to some random location.

You see, my asos package was supposed to arrive at my home, and I would not have made the online order had you notified your costumers that you no longer deliver to customers homes. In fact, it seems that you were unaware of this yourselves, as twice different representatives verified my address and said it should arrive at my home. You even wrote to me more than once that although my package was delivered, I should wait until the 13th and if it hasn’t arrived, to check by my neighbors. Remember, it was delivered in a city 40 minutes away from me, round trip. Kind of silly asking my neighbors if they’ve seen it. Dontchya think?

asos customer service asos israel

Which leads me to believe that the service you use to have our packages delivered does whatever they want, which doesn’t reflect well on asos.

asos international
You’re pleased to announce my package was delivered to wrong location? Strange.

Once you did actually contact the service courier, you notified me that they no longer deliver to houses, rather find a store in the closest geographical area to my house (again, 40 minutes, that is). When I let you know that I am not driving to pick it up, you told me that if I don’t pick it up within 7 days it’s shipped back, and I then wait an additional 21 days for refund.

asos help

Now you tell me: you, messed up and *I* should wait a month for a refund?

And don’t tell me to write to you privately, since different people respond each time, and apparently don’t look at previous messages.

Latest response: (Tell me Asos, do you *NOT* listen to your customers???)

“Thanks for being so patient Hadassa! We’ve heard back from the courier and they have advised the parcel was delivered to the pick up location. You should have previously received an email / SMS message with the location for their pick up. They have advised that if needed, you can reach out to HFD directly at (I ain’t giving them link juice!) for further information on the parcel location. Let me know if there’s anything else you need! ASOS Charlotte

Lost cause?

And then there’s more:

“Thanks for getting in touch about your ASOS order – 262249273. I’m sorry to hear that your parcel is being delivered far away from your home address.

Your order will be delivered by i-Parcel. After checking with them, I’m pleased to say that your parcel will be delivered today.
You can track your order by clicking on the link sent to you in your shipping confirmation email. We’re unable to give a specific time for delivery.

Usually with parcels going to Israel, e-post will take over the delivery and then send it to a collection point so you can collect it which is why it’s going to Gilboa 83 Alfei Menashe. If you’re unable to collect the parcel, it will then be returned back to us after 7 working days back to our warehouse for a refund.

It can take up to 21 working days for your return to reach us. As soon as we’ve received it, we’ll send you an email to let you know.”

You have got to be kidding me!

And then there’s more, Asos Twitter rep tells me to stop spamming them or they’ll block me. Please, go ahead, block me, and have asos blacklist me as well. I will never buy a thing from asos again.

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