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Content Marketing Resume

hadassa margolese content marketing

Hadassa Margolese

Working in content marketing since 2013. In order to expand my knowledge base and gain additional experience, I built a self hosted WordPress website where I continuously add, update and optimize content. 

I have used several different publishing websites over the years. The main platform I have been using since the beginning of my career has been WordPress. I have created, optimized and published content, yet felt that there is a wealth of knowledge I still wanted to find out and learn about. 

As someone who learns best with a ‘hands on’ approach, I decided that what better way to learn how to build a website than developing a WordPress site or blog on my own, and applying the information along the way, as I learn.

I learnt the basics of SEO at John Bryce, and continued my education with Google. Yes, as in the Google search engine.  

Work Experience:

Engagement Ring Guy • Content Marketing & SEO

2017 – Present

I learn hands on and in order to further my knowledge, I developed the self hosted WordPress website Engagement Ring Guy where I was able to gain additional experience and insight in the content marketing field.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Setting up self hosted website

• Keyword research

• Content writing

• Link building

• Website management

Social media – I created social media accounts for the engagement ring guy website. Below are examples of the Facebook page, and Instagram account:


Gymbo Networks • Marketing

2013 – 2017

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Managed content marketing

• Search engine optimization

• Content writing

• Web analytics

* Work samples available upon request.

RoboGroup • Quality Assurance

2009 – 2011

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Editing online education course material

• QA testing

• Assisting writers improve usability of software


Online Branding

• Content Marketing

• Link Building

• Social Media Marketing

• Keyword Research

• WordPress

• PowerPoint presentation such as the resume slideshow I created on Google Slides and uploaded to Slideshare.


Content Marketing Resume on SlideShare:

Hadassa Margolese Marketing & SEO from Hadassa Margolese


John Bryce, Tel Aviv

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

•Ohr Haement Institute

Los Angeles, CA

Looking to hire? Contact me at

If you’re curious about who I am, feel free to read more!

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