מתכון פשטידת גזר

Moist Carrot Muffin Recipe or Pie Your Kids Will Love

Moist Carrot Muffin Recipe This carrot muffin recipe is a popular side dish in our house. Naama was introduced to it at around the age of two, while having lunch by friends when we lived in Ramat Bet Shemesh. Whenever my then-two-year-old found food that she liked- I had to find the recipe. So of […]

Goodbye Bet Shemesh

Goodbye, Bet Shemesh. This post is for my friends who have been there for me from before the events which took place in Bet Shemesh over the past two years, and then remained at my side throughout. My story started while doing everything I can to protect my daughter and her friends from extremists who […]

Intro to my blog

My name is Hadassa Margolese, I am the mother of eight year old Naama Margolese from Beit Shemesh. This blog is a forum for me to explain what is going on with my family, how it has affected us, and what we plan on doing about the whole situation. I believe, and I am not […]