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bet shemesh

My Powerful Little Girl

My oldest daughter, Naama, is a sweet and sensitive little girl. She stood up in front of camera crews and news reporters and did an excellent job at expressing her thoughts to the world. Naama, who usually shies away from people she doesn’t know, participated in many interviews, took lots of pictures, and shared her thoughts because she knew that by telling the world of the extremists behavior, it may stop them… Continue Reading >>

Starting a blog

The Beginning of a Blog

Why I Started Blogging My name is Hadassa Margolese, I am the mother of eight-year-old Naama Margolese from Beit Shemesh. This blog is a forum for me to explain what is going on with my family, how it has affected us, and what we plan on doing about the whole situation. I believe, and I am not alone in this theory that the actions of the grown men bullying my… Continue Reading >>