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My Powerful Little Girl

My oldest daughter, Naama, is a sweet and sensitive little girl, who stood up in front of camera crews and news reporters, and did an excellent job of expressing her thoughts to the world.

Naama, who usually shies away from people she doesn’t know, participated in many interviews, took lots of pictures, and shared her thoughts because she knew that by telling the world of the extremists behavior, it may stop them from coming back.

I was getting ready for a vehicle convoy demonstration going towards the prime ministers office last week. Naama overheard a conversation I was having with a friend, and immediately asked me where I was going and what for. When I explained to her what a vehicle convoy is, and the reason we were demonstrating, she asked if she can draw a picture to hang in our car.

The translation of what she wrote was: “This city is ours, and the extremists cannot live here with us”.

I was so impressed because it said nothing against ultra orthodox, non orthodox, conservative, gentile, or any of the like. It focused only on those who are causing such an uproar in our city.

I really would like to think that the actions of my powerful little girl, might make a change. A change that our nation as a whole needs, to continue living along side so many different people, with so many different ways of belief.

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