Moving in the Wrong Direction

After feeling like we took one small step in the right direction, I now feel like we took two steps back. A few weeks ago I (along with the rest of my neighborhood) received the weekly advertisement booklet. In this booklet, there were advertisements of boy’s and girl’s dressed up in Purim costumes. The girl’s faces were blurred, the boy’s faces were not. I went on to the website of this specific store and posted the picture telling them that I thought it is shocking, and that I would not patronize their store if they agree to have the girl’s faces blurred in their ad’s. The store responded by saying that it was not them who published it that way, rather the advertising company which does it to please the population that reads the booklet. (Needless to say, I am not part of the population that approves).

פירט האדום פורים
Original Pirat Adom advertisement mentioned above

The store said that they would not advertise that way again.  I thanked them and encouraged my friend’s to go in and thank them and shop at their store.

This week when I looked through the booklet, I saw that boy’s and girl’s faces were blurred in this specific advertisement. I am wondering if the store thinks that that is some kind of “compromise”. It is not, we pointed out a problem, they acknowledged it and decided to work around it, rather than fix it. A workaround is not acceptable, rather resolving the issue is what is necessary.

pirat haadom

Nowhere in our religion does it say that there is a need to blur faces of any human beings.

Eight years ago, when I lived in the neighborhood where these magazines come from, this issue bothered me… I ignored it because I thought it was dumb, but let them do what they want- it does not really affect me.

כפר השעשועים
Kfar Shaashuim advertisement

Now I see all too well how it affects me. I think that this is the core issue of the problems that we are facing. It starts by blurring faces, which becomes acceptable and normal, and continues slowly onto other things that become acceptable and “normal” and it goes on and on and turns into an abnormal norm.

הדרת נשים

We must stop this “norm” as it is spiraling down a very dangerous road. We all must speak up and let our faces and voices be heard and seen.

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