Not Laughing

Today I watched a video of our Mayor, the Mayor of Bet Shemesh, Moshe Abutbul making a joke out of the spitting incidents in Bet Shemesh.

At a Purim party, a reporter asked MK Eli Yishai how he gets along with Bet Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul. Moshe Abutbul made a joke out of it and said: “Since the spitting incident, the distance from Bet Shemesh to Jerusalem is only that of a spitting distance.”

Funny? I think not. As the Mayor of Bet Shemesh, I expect him to give his residents a sense of care and security. For the Mayor to make a joke out of a very serious situation, is unacceptable and not what I expect of the person in charge of running a city. Especially a city as complex as ours. However, I realized long ago that a sense of concern and responsibility is only given to certain sects of the city. We are not all equal citizens.

Just a few days ago, Abutbul went to visit Orot Banot for the first time since the school opened it’s doors to the new building, and was received with a warm and respectful welcome. He wants to start anew. Form a relationship. This is the man who said, at the beginning of the school year, that he does not take responsibility for the safety of our daughters if we choose to stay in the current location. This man never came to the school grounds to see the extremists in action and see what our children had been going through. Now he makes a joke of it.

I don’t find it funny, and I doubt my daughter would either.

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