How to keep your Yes TV Cable bill under 850 shekel

If you have just signed up to the Israeli satellite company YES I’ll give you a piece of advice on How to keep your Yes TV Cable bill under 850 shekel. Unless of course, you don’t mind your monthly bill going from 215 NIS to 853 NIS a month.

It all started out when we decided to give yes tv cable another try. We moved into our new house, and I called YES customer service up excitedly, looking forward to having a TV in my room again. We had Cellcom previously, however wifi doesn’t reach our second floor (yes, we have to figure that one out) and so we chose the satellite route.

All was wonderful until one sunny afternoon I was looking at my online banking and saw a charge from for 853 Shekel. I was obviously very confused and figured there must have been some kind of mistake.

After trying to reach customer service several times, and actually getting through once, only to have the call disconnected, I turned to yes Facebook chat. The Yes cable TV Facebook chat representative gave me a break down of the bill:

yes כבלים


yes tv cable

yes satellite tv


Once the Yes Television Facebook chat representative told me that the extra charge was from Yes VOD I realized that when YES TV installed the cable, they obviously didn’t password protect paid content – צפיה בתשלום.  We were completely unaware that these channels were accessible. Our five year old who doesn’t read yet clearly had no idea that he was pressing children’s movies that cost 19.70 NIS per movie.


If you have a child in the house, around the age of Five, here’s a list of movies that may interest him or her. I’m sure you can find them for free online.

How to keep your Yes TV Cable bill under 850 shekel you ask? If you’re going to sign up with yes satellite’s tv service, make sure that they password protect all paid channels. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that it’s obviously blocked. Silly me- it didn’t even cross my mind. I most likely signed something with those little teeny tiny letters agreeing to this all…

And just like that, we canceled yes satellite, and it shut off a week ago. Surprisingly enough though, my children don’t seem to miss it much. Now we just have to figure out how to get wifi upstairs and connect our devices to the televisions so that we can watch a good Netflix movie from time to time…

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