Best Pizza Dough and Calzone Filling Recipe

Tried and Tested Best Pizza Dough and Calzone Filling Recipe

It took me a while to find the best pizza dough and calzone filling recipe. I rarely made pizza in the past because I could never get the pizza dough just right, and I would always end up disappointed. The best pizza dough to me means that it’s both soft AND crispy.

Best Pizza Dough and Calzone Filling
Best Calzone Recipe

All of that changed three years ago when I moved to the same city my baby sister, Tehilla, lives in. I was visiting her just around dinner time, as she was preparing her pizza dough. Since this dough recipe only needs 10 minutes to rise, the Pizza was ready while I was still at her house. IT WAS DELICIOUS!

I decided that this easy pizza dough recipe was one I was definitely going to use!

Best Pizza Dough and Calzone Filling
The BEST pizza dough!

My new favorite pizza dough recipe became my calzone recipe. If it’s perfect for pizza, it’s just as perfect for calzones. Follow these steps and you’ll have the best pizza dough and calzone filling.

Pizza Dough Ingredients and Instructions

In a mixing bowl- add one cup of water, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 1/2 tbsp dry OR fresh yeast. Give it a light mix, and add 2 1/2 cups of flour, 1 tsp salt, 3 tbsp oil. Mix until it turns into dough. Let rise for 10 minutes.

While the pizza dough is rising, start preparing your calzone filling.

Calzone Filling Ingredients

You will need 260 grams tomato paste, 1/4 cup of whipped cream (not whipped up), fresh garlic, basil (I snipped a piece off from my herb garden), salt and pepper.

easy calzone recipe
Calzone filling ingredients

If you like sauteed vegetables in your calzone filling, go ahead and add them!

calzone filling recipe
Recommendation: Saute onions and tomatoes
pizza calzone filling
Add your sauteed vegetables to the pizza sauce and mix in.

Calzone Recipe Instructions

Cover a pan with a baking sheet and sprinkle with flour. Roll your dough out, and using a cup, cut out circles which you can roll into an oval, if you’d like.  Add a spoonful of sauce onto the calzone dough, and sprinkle cheese over it. I used yellow grated cheese and mozzarella cheese.

easy calzone filling recipe
You can add olives over the filling
Pizza dough and Calzone filling
Add the filling and cheese to the dough.

Fold half of the dough over, and press down with your fingers to tighten it closed. You can use a fork as well, it gives it a nice look.

Brush the almost-ready-to-be-baked calzones with an egg, and top with the toppings of your choice, or leave plain. Although these calzones taste nothing close to plain!

Since not all of my children like olives, I marked the calzones that have olives in it, with olives on top…

calsone recipe
…It’s almost ready!

Set your oven to 2000 Celsius and bake for 10 minutes, or until golden brown.

I had some dough left over, so I used it to make garlic bread. Simply melt 50 grams of butter, I added a frozen garlic cube, and salt, mix all together. Roll the dough out, spread the butter mixture over the dough, roll, and bake in the oven for 10 minutes.

*I added cheese to one of the garlic bread rolls and folded the dough over it.

garlic bread recipe
Side bonus: Garlic bread

Recipe for the best pizza dough and calzone filling:

To make the dough

  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 2 1/2 tbsp dry or fresh yeast
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • 2 1/2 cups flour

Mix all ingredients to form the calzone dough. Let it rise for 10 minutes. Roll out and shape circles.

Fill in with the following calzone filling recipe:

  • 260 grams tomato paste
  • 1/4 whip cream (do not whip)
  • Fresh garlic
  • Fresh or frozen basil
  • Salt
  • A drop of pepper

Mix, and add sauteed vegetables as desired. Add the calzone filling to the cut-out dough. Add cheese. Fold over and pinch sides closed. Bake at 2000  Celsius for 10 minutes, or until golden brown.

garlic bread roll recipe
Make garlic bread in the shape of rugalach!

Enjoy the best pizza dough and calzone Filling! Yum!

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