Kids Favorite Home Made French Crepe Recipe

Kids Favorite Home Made French Crepe Recipe

Our journey to finding and making this homemade french crepe recipe began one lovely afternoon, when my six-year-old son, Yishai, came up to me and asked: Can you please make crepe’s for dinner tonight? The ones that we buy at the mall!

I replied to Yishai that we need a special crepe pan such as the one used at the mall in order to make this for dinner. Just finding a homemade french crepe recipe doesn’t help, if we don’t have the right pan. He was so disappointed, and responded: you can make it at home! Little did I know, you do not need anything special.

Since I am up for a challenge, I decided: you know what, let’s try and see what comes out of it! To say that Yishai was ecstatic would be an understatement.

I started out my research by opening up Google and finding a recipe that does not involve some kind of fancy crepe machine. I was on a mission to find an easy, homemade french crepe recipe.

Once I found a simple recipe, I got to work. I made some changes to the original recipe… and our final result was YUMMY. 

home made french crepe recipe
Happy Kids!

About once a week I take a detour from our regular menu which usually includes Pizza or Calzones, a Barbecue with my homemade buns, Pasta…You get the idea… And let the children choose a “sweet tooth” dinner. The sweet tooth menu consists of the following options: Pancakes, Waffles… and now their FAVORITE french crepes. It’s been the on-demand sweet tooth dinner for the last three weeks.


1 1/2 cup milk

1 1/2 cup flour

2 eggs

1/4 sugar

1 tablespoon oil

2 tablespoon water

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

french crepe recipe
French Crepe ingredients

Lets get started:

Add to your mixer or bowl:

Blend the flour and Sugar. Add milk, eggs, water, vanilla extract, and oil.

Mix all ingredients until smooth.

home made crepe recipe
Yishai LOVES helping out in the kitchen!

Once you have your crepe batter ready, spray some pam or pour a bit of oil into your pan.

pour about 1/3 of a cup into the pan, and use a spatula to spread it out, and into a circle shape:

homemade french crepe recipe
Spread the batter out using a spatula.

Continue Spreading out the crepe batter evenly, until it’s dry:

home made crepe recipe
You’ll see the batter turning from wet to dry.

Once the french crepe is dry, flip it!

home macde french crepe recipe
Flip that Crepe!

Leave it on the flipped side for about 20 seconds and put on a dish.

Now that your HOMEMADE french crepe is ready, and you know that you don’t need a french crepe pan to make this yummy kids dinner, you’re almost ready for your kids to gobble up your new-found recipe!

Fold the ready-made crepe in half:

how to make french crepe at home
Fold the ready-made crepe in half

My kids go to crepe favorite is Nutella spread. Go ahead and spread on whichever spread your kids like.

french crepe nutella filling
French crepe with Nutella filling.

….One more step! Fold in half:

best french crepe recipe
Final step: fold one more time!

Enjoy your homemade french crepe recipe, no special pan or instruments needed!

קרפ צרפתי home made french crepe recipe
Enjoy / Bon A petit / בתיאבון!

Add cucumbers and carrots, or any other vegetable to make this sweet tooth meal a tad bit healthy!

What is your favorite french crepe filling?

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Original recipe found here.

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