Jam or Jelly Sugar Cookie Recipe

Jam or Jelly Sugar Cookie Recipe

A few weeks ago, after picking my six year old up from school, we ran to the supermarket. Who would have guessed that a simple shopping errand would turn into a jelly sugar cookie recipe afternoon project…

Upon entering the supermarket, there are baskets and shelves full and lined up with all of the goodies that are bound to attract your children’s attention. So even when warning my children ahead of time that were “only going for bread and milk” the “can we buy this or that” happens every single time, without fail.

This time around at the supermarket, Yishai’s eye caught sight of, in his words: “my favorite cookies ever!” I guess his favorite cookies ever happen to be jelly sugar cookies… Yes, he asked if we can buy them. Without hesitating I told him that we can make them at home! I figured that it can’t be very difficult, and it would give us an afternoon cookie baking activity. Win!

Now I had to find a jelly cookie recipe. Every so often, Yishai has a play date by a friend, and I know that whenever I go along for a coffee date (adult play date) with his friend’s mother, I always leave with a good recipe. So when my play date showed me the sugar cookie recipe she was making, I snapped a picture, and knew that it would come in handy. All I had to do was change the instructions a bit, and add jelly, and that would make the perfect jelly sugar cookies.

מתכון עוגיות ריבה

Jam or Jelly Sugar Cookie Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 cup butter softened (substitute with margarine to make Pareve)
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 5 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Jelly for filling

Mix all ingredients together to form cookie dough. Chill.

Roll the cookie dough out on a floured surface and shape. Half the dough has to have a hole in the center for the jelly to come out through.

jam cookie recipe

Place half to one teaspoon of jelly in the center of the cookie dough, and cover with the cookie dough with hole in the middle over it.

Bake 200o C for approximately 10 minutes in preheated oven.


I have used the original recipe (without jelly and double layer) to make good old sugar cookies. If you’re going to make one layer cookies, bake for approximately 8 minutes.

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*The original sugar cookie recipe was found in a KitchenAid booklet.

מתכון לעוגיות ריבה


  • כוס וחצי חמאה או מרגרינה רכה
  • 2 כוסות סוכר
  • כפית תמצית וניל
  • 4 ביצים
  • 5 כוסות קמח
  • 2 כפיות אבקת אפיה
  • כפית מלח
  • למילוי העוגיות: ריבה

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  • לערבב את כל המצרכים עד לקבלת בצק עוגיות
  • לקרר כשעה
  • לחמם תנור ל2000
  • לרדד את בצק העוגיות ולהכין את הצורות
  • להניח חצי כפית עד כפית אחת של ריבה על בצק העוגיות עם הצד בלי חור
  • להניח מעל את צורת הבצק עם החור באמצע
  • לאפות כ 10 דקות


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