Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe

Easy Homemade Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe

I decided to try my hand at a vanilla meringue cookie recipe after my mother once brought over to our house a box of meringues. My children finished the box before I had a chance to even taste them, so I decided to try and whip up a batch of vanilla meringue cookies myself. How difficult could it be? Not difficult at all. In fact, making meringues was so easy, I whipped up a second batch afterward. Total success!

For one of my daughter’s birthdays, I baked a batch of good homemade vanilla meringue cookies, the kids all finished them super quickly and asked for more! Since the yummy meringue cookies weren’t ready yet, I told them that they’re welcome to stop by for more in a few hours.

This easy vanilla meringue cookie recipe is a nice gift idea when going to friends- put them in a nice glass jar, and you’re all set!

Vanilla meringue cookie recipe
Vanilla meringue cookies

Vanilla Meringue Recipe Ingredients:

Four egg white

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 1/2 cup sugar

If you would like to add color, add a drop of food coloring. For this meringue recipe, I used a drop of black food coloring for the gray color.



Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe Instructions:

Preheat oven to 800c

In a mixer add the egg whites with the salt until you see white foam

Add the sugar and continue mixing for ten minutes

Add the vanilla extract and food coloring

Continue mixing for another 2-3 minutes until stiff and glossy

Prepare cookie sheets and line the cookie sheets with baking paper

Add the mixture into a pastry tube with a star like tip and very slowly pipe the meringue

Bake for three hours on 800c


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