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All about Bet Shemesh life. Posts I have written throughout the years describing the difficulty and very complicated relationships and situations between the different sects of the city, and our struggle against the ultra orthodox extremists of Bet Shemesh.

I voiced my feeling and opinions regarding women’s issues, such as girl’s faces being blurred in newspapers and magazines. Women’s rights for privacy at the Mikveh.  Women being harassed just because they are women-  extremists deem them immodest, and that gives them the go ahead to curse, yell, and spit at them.


Bet Shemesh

Goodbye Bet Shemesh

Goodbye, Bet Shemesh This post is for my friends who have been there for me prior to the events which took place in Bet Shemesh over the past two years, and then remained by my side throughout. My story began while doing everything in my power to protect my daughter, and her friends from extremists who terrified boys, girls, and their parents on a daily basis, for months. When the municipality,… Continue Reading >>

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Not Laughing

Today I watched a video of our Mayor, the Mayor of Bet Shemesh, Moshe Abutbul making a joke out of the spitting incidents in Bet Shemesh. At a Purim party, a reporter asked MK Eli Yishai how he gets along with Bet Shemesh Mayor Moshe Abutbul. Moshe Abutbul made a joke out of it and said: “Since the spitting incident, the distance from Bet Shemesh to Jerusalem is only that… Continue Reading >>

Twin Cities

Montgomery County and Bet Shemesh A twin city agreement is the definition of two cities from different countries who want to promote cultural and commercial ties with one another. There are many twin towns, twin sister and twin cities around the world. Maryland’s Montgomery County was due to become the twin city of Bet Shemesh, in Israel. Unfortunately, they have delayed their agreement following the recent worldwide media attention. Articles have been… Continue Reading >>

Desperate to be heard

Yesterday, my view of ultra-orthodox extremists and those who suffer in silence from them, changed. Many of those keeping silent are desperate to be heard. I received a phone call in the morning from a woman who asked in a soft, low voice “is this Margolese?” I said yes, and she continued “I am calling to say thank you. I am calling to ask you to please continue this fight. We… Continue Reading >>

Disturbing the Quiet of Shabbat

All has seemed quiet in our area of Bet Shemesh these past two weeks, as far as I’m aware. I am sure there are incidents that I am unaware of, but I enjoyed the peace. This past Shabbat, a group of seminary girls were walking towards Rabbi Dov Lipman’s house for Shabbat lunch. As they passed a house on Maapiley Egoz street, which happens to be right across from my house, a… Continue Reading >>

American Support

American Support at the United States Embassy in Tel Aviv This morning we had an appointment to visit the American embassy in Tel Aviv. I wasn’t sure if I would be meeting with Ambassador Dan Shapiro or not. Five years had passed, and it was time to renew Naama’s passport. Having been to the U.S embassy many times over the years, we know that security is tight and that the… Continue Reading >>

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My Powerful Little Girl

My oldest daughter, Naama, is a sweet and sensitive little girl. She stood up in front of camera crews and news reporters and did an excellent job at expressing her thoughts to the world. Naama, who usually shies away from people she doesn’t know, participated in many interviews, took lots of pictures, and shared her thoughts because she knew that by telling the world of the extremists behavior, it may stop them… Continue Reading >>

Starting a blog

The Beginning of a Blog

Why I Started Blogging My name is Hadassa Margolese, I am the mother of eight-year-old Naama Margolese from Beit Shemesh. This blog is a forum for me to explain what is going on with my family, how it has affected us, and what we plan on doing about the whole situation. I believe, and I am not alone in this theory that the actions of the grown men bullying my… Continue Reading >>