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Whenever we have guests over for a meal, or when I post food pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram, Google+ …. You get the idea… People ask for my delicious easy recipes. How do I know that they’re that good? Well, if they weren’t, I wouldn’t be getting messages and phone calls asking for them!

Why did I start a food blog  with my delicious easy recipes?

I’ll give you the two short answers. Okay, maybe three.

Years ago, people started asking that I sell some of my staple food recipes. They wanted to order EXACTLY what they tasted at my house. My oh-so-yummy Challah recipe, potato kugel recipe and home-made vegan chocolate chip peanut butter ice cream were at the top of the order list.

Every Thursday afternoon, once the orders were in, I’d get cooking in the kitchen. I loved the cooking and baking, and the happy costumers kept returning. My back though, didn’t love it so much. And so, I had to put an end to standing in the kitchen for hours on end, and be content with happy baking for my family!

Many years have passed since, and my friend’s have kept pushing me to do something with my love of baking. Whenever I pull something yummy out of the oven,  I run across the street to share the fresh cake/ cookies/ quiches with my friend, and love seeing the excitement in her house over what I just put together.

Another reason I decided to start food blogging is because it’s a lot easier writing the recipe down once, and whenever someone asks for it, I can just send them to the exact recipe they’re interested in, without having to type it up each and every time. Don’t get me wrong, it was my PLEASURE. However, THIS is easier.

And the final, and most important reason that I decided to turn my blog into mainly a food blog: it just makes me happy. I get to focus on making delicious meals and desserts for my family and guests, AND write about it. I have found my happy place, and I’m enjoying all of the positive that’s coming out of it.

Enjoy / בתיאבון / Bon Apetit!

Vanilla merengue recipe

Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe

Easy Homemade Vanilla Meringue Cookie Recipe I decided to try my hand at a vanilla meringue cookie recipe after my mother once brought over to our house a box of meringues. My children finished the box before I had a chance to even taste them, so I decided to try and whip up a batch of vanilla meringue cookies myself. How difficult could it be? Not difficult at all. In… Continue Reading >>

sugar cookie recipe

Jam or Jelly Sugar Cookie Recipe

Jam or Jelly Sugar Cookie Recipe A few weeks ago, after picking my six year old up from school, we ran to the supermarket. Who would have guessed that a simple shopping errand would turn into a jelly sugar cookie recipe afternoon project… Upon entering the supermarket, there are baskets and shelves full and lined up with all of the goodies that are bound to attract your children’s attention. So… Continue Reading >>

broccoli quiche

Broccoli Kugel Recipe Easy Creamy Gluten Free

Creamy Easy Broccoli Kugel Recipe This creamy and truly easy broccoli kugel recipe is a hit in our house. The creamy broccoli texture makes it kid and adult friendly! Super easy to make, it’s a great side dish for Shabbat and holidays. The smell of the sauteed onions will get everyone’s appetite in gear, and asking: Is it ready YET? Broccoli Kugel Recipe Ingredients: 800 grams broccoli frozen or fresh… Continue Reading >>

potato kugel recipe

The Best Potato Kugel Recipe

The Best Potato Kugel Recipe I’m going to keep this potato kugel recipe post short, since I still have a lot to do before Shabbat comes in, and I wanted to get this kugel recipe up as soon as possible since I received several requests for the recipe last night. Potato Kugel Ingredients 8 medium potatoes 2 small onions/ or one large 1/2 cup oil 4 eggs 2 tablespoons sugar… Continue Reading >>

chocolate babka recipe עוגת שוקולד שמרים

Chocolate Babka Recipe ~ Chocolate Cake Yeast Feast!

Chocolate Babka Recipe ~ A Chocolate Cake Yeast Feast This is how the chocolate babka recipe arrived in my email inbox probably five or six years ago… One early Friday morning I walked downstairs to take Naama to school and on my way home, one of my neighbors called me over to have a look at the chocolate babka she had made for Shabbat. Not only do I really have… Continue Reading >>

Apple Crumble Square Recipe Rosh Hashana Sweet Dessert

Apple Crumble Squares Rosh Hashana Sweet Dessert Idea A few days ago while I was on my Instagram my eye caught a photo of an apple crumble square recipe on my Instagram feed. To my delight, the apple square recipe was posted below the photo. Being that I enjoy baking and trying out new recipes, I went ahead and took a screen shot, and got to baking this new-found, perfect-for-rosh-hashana dessert recipe. I… Continue Reading >>

Chocolate Souffle recipe סופלה שוקולד מתכון

Chocolate Souffle Recipe Chocolate Lovers FAVORITE 4 Ingredient Dessert

Most Delicious Chocolate Souffle Recipe This chocolate souffle recipe is THE most popular and favorite dessert in our household. Benji and Ayala are complete chocolate lovers and could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh, and dessert. Since this recipe is melt-in-your-mouth delicious, I added it to our Rosh Hashana dessert menu. You’re welcome, my lovely family, and the guests were having for lunch when my chocolate souffle`s will be… Continue Reading >>

fluffy pancake recipe

Fluffy Vanilla Pancake Recipe

When Ayala and Yishai came home from school today, I asked them what they want for dinner. Ayala declared that it must be Falafel. Yishai wrinkled his nose and said: please make your vanilla fluffy pancake recipe! Both children had play dates, and I only made it to the supermarket at around six pm. Yishai’s bed time is usually seven, Ayala’s is eight. The clock was ticking! I had both… Continue Reading >>