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Hi! I’m Hadassa Margolese, welcome to my space, glad you stopped by!

Why I blog

hadassa margolese
Hadassa Margolese

I began blogging in 2011 as a means of writing down my experiences as an activist in Israel in addition to my thoughts on gender and equality. Although I was unfamiliar with blogging platforms, or how to get my message out, I sat down, opened up a blogger account and began writing.

What I do for a living

I’ve been working in content marketing since 2013. I’m a social media enthusiast, and recently had that “aha” moment (thanks, Oprah!) where I realized what I want to be/ do when I grow up. Hint: it has something to do with Social Media Marketing!

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While trying to think of ways to improve my lifestyle, and grow in the content and social media marketing field, I decided that with all of the information available online, why not build a WordPress website from scratch, in a niche that interests me. Not only will I gain further experience as a content writer, I’ll learn even more about optimizing content and brand awareness, while promoting the product. I believe that writing about a topic that you’re truly interested in will result in great content.

My bestie, also known as Benji Margolese, has been working in the field of fancy color diamonds for many years. As my partner in life, we talk about everything. I have learned quite a bit about diamonds and decided that the WordPress website I was going to create would be a diamond education blog. The Engagement Ring Guy & Gal is a work in progress which I enjoy working on in my free time. Still have to work for a living! 😉

My love affair with social media

I still remember that evening in 2007 when Benji came home from work and said “you have to check out this Facebook thing!” Huh?? What on earth is Facebook?? No thanks, I’m not into those things… I’ll stick to AOL, AIM, and Only Simchas… “You have to just check it out!” he persisted. Ok, fine, if you insist… Well, that was the beginning of my social media relationship!

Since I grew up in Israel and Los Angeles, I have friends here, there and everywhere. Instead of speaking to my best friend in LA once a year,  we connected on Facebook and it’s as though we became social media neighbors! Ok, so our childhood plan of living next door to each other didn’t work out- but I’ll take what I can get!

Social media is so much more than connecting with family & friends

It’s been over 10 exciting years since the evening Benji (thanks, Benj!) introduced me to Facebook. Through my line of work in marketing, and as a blogger, I truly believe that social media marketing is essential in getting your message out to the world, and more specifically, to your target audience.

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Social Media: Reach & Engage

The opportunity to connect your brand with the social platforms available, is remarkable.  Create brand awareness through community interaction. Engage in conversations, show interest in what people have to say. Listen, engage, don’t just put your product out there to fall between the cracks. Find your target audience, and engage with them.

A little bit more about Hadassa Margolese

As I was sitting at Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem 17 years ago with my friend Yafa, this guy walked by and caught my attention. Turned out that we have mutual friends, and I met him again. We became friends, boyfriend/ girlfriend, engaged, and now married for 15 years + three of the cutest children.

hadassa margolese
Yes, it was a while ago…

I love fashion, design, and I’m obsessed with the color gray! Seeing gray makes me happy! So I went a little overboard (well, not really if you ask me… 😉 ) My kitchen is gray, my floor tiles are gray, I painted several walls in our house gray… You get the idea…

As the years went by, my babies grew up and began asking to cook and bake together in the kitchen. We would share our baked goods with friends who would then ask for the recipe, which was when I decided to start adding our favorite and most requested recipes onto my blog. I found that adding recipes to my website  is  easier than writing it down every time! Yes, I still have my recipes written down in a recipe book I received as a wedding gift 15 years ago…

hadassa margolese
We bake and blog the recipes!

So, how is cooking and baking related to activism? They’re not. Lucky for me, this is my space to write about whatever my heart desires. That includes a little bit of this with a mix of a little bit of that!

I have been working in Content Marketing since 2013 and I’m constantly searching and learning online. If there’s a topic or field I want to get to know better, I’ll search the internet and find all of the information I’m looking for. WordPress, Social Media, Content Marketing, and SEO (search engine optimization) updates are what I most commonly search for as there are constant updates, and there’s always a lot to learn. And yes, I enjoy (really, really, love) it!


I’m a total coffee addict…

hadassa margolese
I love coffee, need I say more?

So, how do I get in touch with Hadassa Margolese?

Want to share a thought or idea? Send me a message 🙂

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